Restaurant- Panther Pub-Beverly

Panther Pub-Beverly
It’s Tuesday night and my bride of 27 years has abandoned me to my own devices regarding dinner. In fact I think the comment as she went out the door was “you know how to turn on the stove.”

Now I wasn’t about to create one of my gourmet dinners, read hamburg, just for myself so it was off to find someplace that would feed me. In my travels I had walked past the Panther Pub on Rantoul Street many times and seen the menu board out front but had never gone in.

The menu always intrigued with items like shrimp scampi and chicken dinners. In I went. Now the Panther Pub might not be somewhere you would go with the wife and kids, or for a romantic night. It is a neighborhood bar, no ferns or cozy booths. The bar is long and oval, filling most of the room with a dart board in the back and a couple of fl at panel TV’s arranged
so all the patrons can view. When I arrived there were several patrons quietly having a beer or two to finish their day.

That said on to the food! I sat on my stool and ordered a bud($2.75), just seemed right for the atmosphere, and the smiling bartender quickly put one down on the polished wood. The specials that day were mainly in the pork family so I ordered the pork roast dinner($5.95). The bartender put down a set of silverware wrapped in a napkin and I settled down to wait for my meal. Watched the news for a bit and then dinner arrived! A large plate with three thick slices of pork roast fresh from the oven, nice and crunchy around the edges, a large scoop of real mashed potatoes, a helping of corn and a bowl of applesauce!(it would have been nice
if there was a paper placemat rather than just eating off the bar) The first bite of the pork covered with rich gravy made me know I had made a great choice. The potatoes were real with chunks of whole potato, the corn was canned but nice and sweet. This was a meal like mother used to make and by the time I was done there wasn’t a speck left except for the garnish.

Mom would have been proud, both of the dinner itself, and me cleaning my plate! As I said before this is a bar and not a fancy restaurant. Still, next time my bride leaves me to fend for myself you’ll probably find me at the Panther Pub, third stool down on the right hand side. After all, $11.00 for two buds and a home cooked meal can’t be beat!
Panther Pub
278 Rantoul Street