Restaurant- Trackside-Peabody

Trackside Bar and Grill-Peabody
Ok, now it’s Friday and neither of us wants to cook(obviously a reasonably common occurrence)! Called some friends in Salem and they were up for getting out of the house so we headed off to a restaurant they had eaten at before, Trackside
Bar and Grill in Peabody.

Pulling up it looked like another neighborhood bar, shaded windows and a brick and stucco front didn’t strike me as a place I’d go out of my way to see. Boy, do I like to be proved wrong!

Inside is all blonde polished wood, bright and cheery. You enter through the bar area, yes it actually is a neighborhood bar, and around the corner enter the main dining area, a dozen wood tables that are separated from the bar by a dividing wall. Even though the wall doesn’t go up to the ceiling you don’t really hear or see the activity from the bar on the other side.
The crowd was mixed ranging from two businessmen in the corner to a couple with a small child as well as casual groups such as ours. The noise level was high enough that you weren’t listening to the next table but not so high you couldn’t carry on a conversation in a normal voice. Quite an accomplishment for an establishment with
all wood surfaces.

The Trackside is a Portuguese Restaurant and our waitress was from just off the coast, the Azores. Pleasant with a sense of humor she dealt with us in a professional and comfortable way even though she was the only waitress. We ordered our cocktails, a bottle of Portuguese Red wine($19.00 a bargain according to the wine drinkers) for the table and I ordered
an ale.

There were numerous specials but we mainly ordered from the menu. For appetizers we decided to split two, Flamed Linquica ($5.95) and poached mussels in a tomato sauce($6.95). We ordered our main courses at the same time with our friends selecting the steak with garlic
sauce($14.95) and Garlic Shrimp($13.95) while my bride ordered the seafood stew special ($16.95) and I of course ordered the grilled octopus, which was sold out! As a backup I chose the cubed pork with clams($14.95). We sat back to wait and caught up on old times. Our waitress brought a basket of fresh, crusty Portuguese bread and it was a great way to start. Within a short time the appetizers arrived. The Flaming Linquica was a large Portuguese sausage over a flaming liquor, absolutely delicious when you dipped a chunk of the sausage down into the liquor. The mussels were a heaping bowl of small mussels, cooked just
right with a nice spicy sauce. Within seconds all that was left of the appetizers were the shells of the mussels, if they had been edible they would have disappeared too!

After enough time for the apps to hit the stomach our main courses arrived. The presentation was beautiful, my friends steak was a large strip covered in a rich garlic sauce, his wife’s garlic shrimp was a plateful of large grilled shrimp sitting on a pile of Portuguese fries, my brides seafood stew was a huge bowl filled with shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams and more topped by a full ½ lobster while my pork and clams was a platter of bite size pork chunks surrounded by delicate clams. I had a bite of everything and trust me, the spices were perfect, the food cooked to perfection and left my taste buds asking
for more!

We needed another basket of bread to soak up the sauces left on the plates, our waitress said they could probably let the dishwasher go early since our plates were so clean!!

Though full we still felt dessert was in order. A quick review by the waitress and we ordered a flan and a hot Portuguese dessert I can’t remember the name of! The flan was rich and creamy with a sweet caramel glaze, the other dessert was ok! A sweet and an espresso to fi nish spectacular meal, perfect.

You can’t go wrong with Trackside, the food is great, the atmosphere pleasant and the staff helpful! For dinner with friends, family or even a first date this is a perfect

Trackside Bar and Grill
30 Warren Street