Reataurant- Weathervane, Hamilton

Located on Railroad Avenue in Hamilton, the Weathervane Tavern is a small, extremely popular dining and watering hole for the surrounding towns.

The tavern has been there for years, serving great meals accompanied by pleasant, quick, knowledgeable service.  When you walk to the front door the daily specials are listed on a blackboard hung from the wall out front. This a good thing because if you are arriving on a weekend night the waiting line could keep you outside for a little while. The normal wait appears to be 20-40 minutes, but it is worth it. Reservations are not accepted so be prepared!

On a recent evening our family of four headed down for dinner. After a short wait we were sitting in the open restaurant at a table located near the window. The restaurant is relatively small and the open design means that noise from other diners and the bar is quite loud. Watching the waitresses move trays of food between the tightly packed tables is a show in itself, and I’ve never seen one dropped. Looking down the room the entire dining and bar area is open to view and half the fun is people watching. We ordered a cocktail and this is where you need to be careful, a designated driver probably wouldn’t hurt. Our bourbon and waters arrived in 16 oz. glasses and though I was told there was water in it, it was sure hard to tell. On the other hand I have been to restaurants where a bourbon and water could easily pass as a gin and tonic based on color the Weathervane definitely gives you a real drink. One should be plenty for anyone.

Time to order, the regular menu contains all that you would expect from a tavern, nachos, chowder, buffalo wings for appetizers. There are burgers, steaks, chicken and fish, most served as complete meals with salad and a vegetable or potato.  The specials menu is where the really interesting meals are located. On this day there were items like baked stuffed scallops in a seafood stuffing, Alaskan crabmeat pie,  marinated steak tips with baked stuffed shrimp and much much more. If you can’t find what you want on the menu the restaurant is as accommodating as possible in putting together a meal that will make you happy. My son doesn’t eat much but does like grilled cheese sandwiches, not on the menu but happily supplied by our waitress. I had a teriyaki grilled sirloin with baked stuffed shrimp, once again not a menu selection but happily supplied after informing me that the much larger steak would end up costing a little extra. My bride of 20 years ordered the crabmeat pie, and my daughter decided on the clam chowder served in a breadbowl.

Dinner started with our garden salads, basic iceburg with the trimmings. Nice and crisp with plenty of dressings to chose from. The entrees arrived shortly after we finished our salad, not rushed, just in time. My steak was cooked to perfection, flavored expertly and tender as promised. 5 baked stuffed shrimp completed my protein and after dipping the shrimp in the drawn butter I was off to the races. My wifes crabmeat pie was huge and loaded with real crabmeat, not seafood sticks. What can you say about a grilled cheese? My son said it was great. The Clam chowder arrived in a hollowed out loaf of rounded bread with a chewy crust that contained a mouthwatering mix of clams, potatoes and spices. It was excellent.

We’ve never left food on our plates at the Weathervane, not that the portions are small, just that the food is always excellent. In fact portions are generous but not overwhelming.

Desserts change frequently with items like ice cream pie, various cakes and others. They are always an excellent way to finish off a fine meal. Desserts can be overwhelming so splitting one between you is usually more than enough.

The best part about the Weathervane is the bill, appetizers are $4-6, entress $8-12 and desserts about $4. I always leave, not only with a happily full stomach, but a feeling I really got my moneys worth. You can go out for a pleasant meal without breaking the bank.

The Weathervane Tavern

Railroad Avenue

Hamilton, MA

Credit cards accepted, but not reservations