Welcome to Boston's
North Shore!

Boston’s North Shore is known as the Massachusetts “Gold Coast”, and rightfully so.

From the House of Seven Gables in Salem to the Maritime Museum in Newburyport there are so many things you can do on the North Shore that you can spend months here and not experience them all!

Wander through the abandoned town of Dogtown in Gloucester, play on Cranes Beach in Ipswich, take a whale watch out of Newburyport or shoot a round of Miniature Golf in Rowley, there are activities for every taste and desire on the North Shore.

Food is also a specialty, fried clams were invented at Woodman’s in Essex, Southern style barbecue at the American BBQ, boiled live lobster fresh off the boat and much much more is available to tickle your tummy as you wander the coast.

Golf, beaches, the ocean and wonderful vistas and spectacular coastlines are all part of the North Shore.

Come visit, we’re sure you will love it!
We thought about listing restaurants for you but there are just too many and in this environment they frequently change. 

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